Today on M3: My Morning Musings: Nintendo Switch Part Problems, PlayStation E3 Press Conference Goes Back to Theaters, Shenmue 3 Says No to E3, PlayStation Plus June Free Games, & Hunt: Showdown is Crytek’s New Game.

Nintendo Switch Part Problems
There is no doubt that the Nintendo Switch is a very popular machine that is selling at a rate faster than any previous Nintendo console. Part of the reason for supply issues could be because Nintendo has had issues securing all the parts needed because they are used by other tech companies like Apple and Samsung. Specifically, the parts being taken over by other companies are the flat memory and motors for use in the Joycon. 

Toshiba revealed to the Wall Street Journal that flash memory will continue to see a shortage as demand is greater than the supply at least through the end of 2017. Apparently Apple is eating up a lot of supplies with its rumored next line of iPhone—rumored to be iPhone 8.

If Nintendo starts trying to secure a larger number of parts at once, they may be able to counter this issue and get some extra components that the very badly needed. They probably feel more comfortable doing this after seeing what the huge response to the Switch has been since its March release. However, even with this, it may prove a difficult task to get the 18 to 20 million Switch units built by March 2018.

PlayStation E3 Press Conference Goes Back to Theaters
Sony has revealed their plans to return the PlayStation E3 Press Conference back to movie theaters all across the US, Canada, and Latin America in over 85 different theaters. This would make the fourth year in a row Sony has done this and is something neither Microsoft or Nintendo has ever tried to do. 

There is great demand by users to watch the announcements at E3 and it would make sense for Sony and Microsoft to consider doing something similar in large cities across the same areas as well.  We will have coverage of Sony’s Press Conference on both CVGames and Parents Press Play.

Shenmue 3 Says No to E3
Developer Ys Net has revealed to its Kickstarter backers that they will not take time to attend E3 this year and show off the game. Sega, however, is rumored to possibly show off an HD Remaster of Shenmue. So we might get a chance to see a new, prettier version of the beloved game at E3 or in the months ahead. 

However, with Shenmue 3 not being shown off next month, it would have been about 6 months since we last saw a glimpse of the game. Could the title be in trouble and not on track? This is all speculation but lets hope the third installment of Shenmue gets the time to bake in the oven it needs to be a special game.

PlayStation Plus June Free Games
I was a big fan of PlayStation Plus on the PlayStation 3. Sony really gave gamers a great deal on some really great games and continued to do so up until the release of the PlayStation 4. Since then, very few good games have been given out. I would say the last 12 months have been especially terrible. Despite this, Sony is giving players a really good game this month. Killing Floor 2, a First Person Shooter where a team fights off multiple waves of Zombies. If you veer off from your squad, you will probably die. It is a great team based game and I have been enjoying it on the PC for months. 

The other PS4 game is Life is Strange which is another good title. However, you can pick it up relatively cheaply in a lot of sales. So while good, the value isn’t really there with that one.

There are also PS3 and Vita games included but does anyone care at this point? With no backwards compatibility, these are pretty worthless and Sony abandoned the Vita years ago.

How about 3 PS4 games a month and just stop kidding us with the PS3 and Vita games Sony?

Hunt: Showdown is Crytek’s New Game
So I have known about Crytek’s next title for a little while now as they are my first official appointment of the E3 2017 conference. However, I have been unable to publicly confirm it until it was revealed this game would be at E3 2017. The cat is out of the bag and you can also see our first sneak peak at what this game may be in the cinematic trailer below: