Today on M3: My Morning Musings, Battle Chasers: Nightwar Gets Dated, Hori Debuts Switch Chat Accessory, Congratulations Quantic Dream, & Nintendo Switch Online Service Gets Delayed.

Battle Chasers: Nightwar Gets Dated
One of the most enjoyable games I saw at E3 2016, and I also have scheduled to see at E3 2017, is coming to the Nintendo Switch, along with PS4, Xbox One, and PC platforms on October 3, 2017. This is a stylized, turn based RPG where your team of characters goes deep into dungeons to battle monsters, gather loot, and fight big bosses. It looks like they have improved the game significantly since I saw it 12 months ago. I can’t wait to deliver some updated impressions to you here at CVGames and on Parents Press Play.  

Also, did I mention the PC version is normally $29.99 and is on sale for $26.99 if you preorder right now? I am personally going to end up with the Switch version myself though! #PCMasterRace unless it is on the Nintendo Switch!

Hori Debuts Switch Chat Accessory
On Hori’s Japanese Twitter feed, they showed off a frightening accessory for the Nintendo Switch that confirms our worse fears about the upcoming voice chat and Nintendo Mobile App. It is now all but confirmed that in order to do any type of online chat, you will need a mobile phone with access to a headphone jack (sorry iPhone users without a dongle and certain Android users), a second cable connecting to the switch, and a third cable that plugs into your headphones.

This is a terrible system and unless you have a super long cable, there is now way you will be voice chatting while the system is docked. But in my house, with twins under two, a 5 year old, and a 8 year old, all boys, it can get a little crazy. I would be deathly afraid of someone tripping over a cord that long and the scarce Nintendo Switch goes flying through the air through a window and smashes to pieces. 

I love Nintendo and am one of the biggest supporters of the Switch. But this is completely messed up. There has to be another way.  Maybe Nintendo has some type of Bluetooth solution to make this be “wire free?” *fingers crossed*

Congratulations Quantic Dream
Quantic Dreamed announced, on their Facebook page, that they have sold 4.5 million copies of Heavy Rain combined on both the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions. The original PS3 version of Heavy Rain released back in 2010 and was a great interactive experience I enjoyed. Sony later released the game on PlayStation 4 via PSN. They even bundled it with their second PS3 game, Beyond Two Souls, which wasn’t nearly as well received. Still, for $39.99, for both games, it is probably worth that for just Heavy Rain alone.

Nintendo Switch Online Service Gets Delayed
Nintendo has revealed that their planned 2017 rollout of the Nintendo Switch Premium Online services will be delayed until some time in 2018. When it launches, the service will be available in a variety of payment options: $20 for a year, $8 for 3 months, and $4 for a single month. 

In addition to the announced cost, Nintendo also revealed that their previous statements on trial games being rotated out of the service would no longer be happening. Instead, subscribers will be given access to a single game and they can continue to play it as long as they remain a subscriber. Each month a new game will be added to the service and online components will be included in the service. Only three titles were revealed to be a part of this: Super Mario Bros 3, Dr. Mario, and Balloon Fight. 

Nintendo has no comment, at this time, if this online service would replace the Virtual Console but I hold out hope that they might offer some type of subscription service that allows you to play a large number of classic games for a single price each month.  While that may be a shot in the dark and a dream that never gets fulfilled, I hold out hope Nintendo will realize the large number of subscribers they would get to such a service.

Hopefully we learn more about the new online service in the near future—including a more realistic release window other than sometime in 2018.