Since 1997, I have traveled to the Electronic Entertainment Expo—better known to the world as E3—to cover the biggest event in the world of gaming. While the majority of the shows have been within the Los Angeles Convention Center, E3 has seen two years in Atlanta and a year in a Santa Monica Hanger and various Santa Monica Hotels. Of the twenty-one years we have covered E3, and the gaming industry, at CVGames, I have personally headed up the coverage duties for all but one of those years.  20 years heading up coverage of the show? Wow, just thinking about it makes me feel old!!

As I have posted about previously, with the relaunch of CVGames in May 2017, my life had seen a fair number of health issues that caused me to be unable to write, run, or even effectively manage CVGames for a period of time. My other project, Parents Press Play, became the place where I was able to cover the industry that I so passionately love. Along with my fellow Hosts, we continued covering the gaming industry, and other topics, while I was unable to do what I had done for so long.

This year, with a new vision, we plan on covering E3 on both Parents Press Play, in Podcast form, and CVGames, in written form. Together we hope to share with you our thoughts on the biggest games, most surprising announcements, and things that stood out to us. 

At the show, I will be leading the charge along with Davis Wiitala. In the days that follow E3, expect more from other authors, on CVGames, and voices, on Parents Press Play.  

With E3 selling 15,000 tickets to the general public, expect the show to have a lot more glitz and glamour this year. But before we even get to the actual show, we will learn more about Xbox One and Project Scorpio, the future of PlayStation 4, The Nintendo Switch Plans with their E3 Direct, Ubisoft’s Press Conference, What Bethesda has in the works, and finally the PC Gaming Show! There are also a few other titles we will be taking a look at before the show starts and then the crazy 3 day E3 show begins.

My schedule is so full and I am very eager to share with you everything I see. I fully expect E3 2017 to be one of the best shows we have seen in recent memory. Why do I say that? Nintendo Switch. This is without a doubt one of the greatest advances our industry has seen and I anticipate on Nintendo destroying the competition this year. A certain Plumber with a Red Hat may have something to do with that too!

So strap yourself in and getting ready for a wild ride! E3 2017 is getting ready to start Sunday, June 11 – Thursday, June 15. We will post all of our coverage here on CVGames and all of our Podcasts and Audio Interviews over at Parents Press Play.