E3 2007: EA Press Conference

Electronic Arts held a press conference at this year’s E3. It opened with a video montage of games that are announced and on the way, such as Playground, Boogie, and a couple of others. Tammy Schachter then came out to introduce Kathy Vrabeck, President of EA Casual Entertainment.

E3 2007: Microsoft Press Conference

Microsoft opened their annual E3 briefing with a band of 5 Halo fans performing the Halo theme. This helped to establish the tone of Microsoft’s public relations campaign as of late – the community is where the effort is being placed. Blogs are king and where the traditional media may have a place, it is no longer number one on the priority list.

E3 2007: Sony Press Conference

Jack Tretton virtually showed up in Home – showing off the new Home Square. He then came out to talk about how Sony is dominating the market, with the PlayStation 2 still running strong 7 years after launch. Over 160 games are on the way to the PlayStation 2 in 2007.

E3 2007: Midway Press Conference

Midway suddenly dimmed the lights and opened their E3 press conference with a trailer for Stranglehold. Then Mike Bilder, the head of Midway’s Chicago studio came out to talk about the game, essentially giving us all the same information we have heard before.

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