Author: gmeadors

Exclusively Painful

Exclusive titles are allright in my book. They give the systems certain signature titles that gamers come to expect. It might make me a little sad, but it won’t prompt me to step out in front of a bus or take a nap on some railroad tracks. What does irk me is when the publisher decides to change his/her mind.

Penguin Power on the PS2?

The Xbox might run on some form of the Windows operating system, but with this new add-on bundle for the Playstation 2 that Sony recently announced, your console system can also double as a personal computer. That’s right, friends and neighbors; Linux is coming to the PS2.

Consoles Vs. PCs

You hear a lot of rumors that PC gaming is dying out, and that the console is the one holding the smoking gun; personally, I think someone has gotten a hold of some wacky weed. Why you ask? The console format is something akin to a disposable camera; you use it then toss it (or pile 륭 up in the closet in my case).

GameCube Launches Quietly in Japan

Nintendo’s Japanese launch of the GameCube was less than stellar. I’m sure many reasons factor into this. The bitter taste of the Nintendo 64’s semi-failure, little in the way of launch games, little in the way of advertisements or maybe it was because no pre-orders were taken.