Author: Kaleb Rutherford

Parents Press Play & Friends 175: Fracture Your But Whole

This week on Parents Press Play & Friends Kaleb & Josh talk about: Update on IGN and Dan Stapleton’s Prey Review, Destiny 2, Splatoon 2 Story Mode, amiibo Piracy, Zelda on Smartphones, Bloodborne 2 at E3?, Gwent Public Beta, future Final Fantasy Remasters, Scalebound, Phantom Dust, Halo 6, Alan Wake, Binding of Isaac, Fracture Your But Whole, Half-Life 2 VR, Turtle Beach Recon Chat, Waterfield Design Multiplayer Pro for Nintendo Switch, Alien Covenant, Star Trek Discovery Trailer, The Witcher Netflix Series, Once Upon a Time Cast Shakeup, Walking Dead Never Dies, Krypton Ordered, Young Sheldon Trailer, Google I/O in 10 Minutes, and New CPU’s from AMD and intel.

Parents Press Play & Friends 174

This week on Parents Press play & Friends, Kaleb, Christina, & Derek talk about: Game Reviews Out of Control Discussion, Redbox, New Assassin’s Creed Prequel, PS5 Predictions, Mass Effect Dead, Square-Enix Kills Hitman and IO Interactive, Xbox One Incentives for F2P Games, Overwatch, Blizzard Reveals Drop Rates, Pokemon Stars Incoming at E3?, Mario Odyssey to Rule E3, Metroid Prime 4 Announced at E3?, Nintendo Switch Saves CC Info, No More Original 3DS Repairs, Darksiders 3 First Look, StarCraft Code Reward, COD 3 Black Ops III Zombie DLC, Top 7 Selling Franchises of All Time, Building a Computer Part 6, New CVGames Relaunch, Prey Talk, Rocketleague Talk, Galaxy of Heroes Talk, Blade Runner 2049 Trailer, Guardians of the Galaxy Post Credit Trailers, The Gifted First Look, Psych Movie Coming Christmas, American Idol Returns, Comixology Unlimited Talk Part 2, & Intel Says No to Overclocking.

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E3 2016: Here We Come!

It is hard to believe, but another year has come and gone and the time for E3 2016 is here. A year ago, I left for Los Angeles via my home in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with a very Pregnant wife, who was carrying identical twins, along with a 6 year old and 3 year old boys.

Skylanders Superchargers

Activision was the first company to introduce the Toys to Life genre to the world with Skylanders and each year they find a way to reinvent the formula and release a new entry in the popular game. This year, that innovation is vehicles: Land, Air, and Sea.

Guitar Hero Live First Look

Guitar Hero is making a comeback this year with Guitar Hero Live from Developer FreeStyle Games. I find it a bit strange that the same year Rock Band is making a comeback, so is Guitar Hero. Did these companies get together and plan out when Rhythm based music games would make a comeback?