Author: Kaleb Rutherford

Banjo Kazooie

After the creation of Mario 64 for the Nintendo 64, company after company attempted to surpass the quality it gave. Although Mario 64 was one of the first 3d platform games, nothing has been able to top it. Capcom, Eidos, Sony, Sega, and others have all tried to outclass Mario 64 as the premier 3d platform game.


Looking back on the years I have spent playing games, I can only recall a small number that actually changed the way I thought about gaming. These few games brought to life emotions inside of me that made the game come alive in a new way that other games just can’t do.


The first person shooter genre has been around since id Software’s Wolenstein 3D. With the release of Doom on the PC in 1993, this genre has taken off in popularity and hasn’t stopped yet. It seems that every system has about 5 or more first person shooters. The N64 is no exception.

Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge

One of the most popular Disney characters in recent years, Aladdin, is back on the Playstation in Disney’s Aladdin in Nasira’s Revenge. While Aladdin titles in the past put our young hero in a two-dimensional world, Argonaut Software and Sony have moved the game world into “spiced-up” version of the Croc 2 game engine.

Soul Blade

If the words weapons and fighting sound good together to you, Soul Blade, for the Sony Playstation, may be the game that you are looking for. Soul Blade places you in charge of ten characters. Each character has his or her own weapons and at least two different costumes to wear during a fight.

Metal Gear Solid

I have never been a huge fan of Konami. During the NES days, I spent very little time on their products. When the SNES was out, even less time was spent on Konami products than from the NES years. All that has changed however. While this era of Playstation has gone on, I have experienced several classic titles from Konami.

Tony Hawk 1

The Sony Playstation has become one of the greatest game consoles of all time. Sony took the 2D gaming crowd and converted them into a 3D gaming nation. While doing this, a few surprise titles have appeared.

Time Crisis 2

After being disappointed with Silent Scope 1 and 2, I patiently have waited for a gun game to satisfy my shooting urges on the PS2. Since I am not a murdering criminal, I figured it would be best to wait for a realistic and fun shooter to make its way on the PS2 instead of practicing in real life.