Author: mmelnychuk

E3 2010: Mafia II Hands on and 3D Impressions

It was upsetting that both of EA’s Godfather video games weren’t able to offer a respectable mobster experience, even though the classic story and rich characters were already made for them. Mafia II doesn’t have names like Marlon Brando or Mario Puzo to lend credence to its tale of organized crime. On the other hand, it might not need them.

E3 2010: Killzone 3 Hands On

There is a physical reaction any good first person shooter should elicit in the player. At first, the eyes widen and the jaw begins to slowly sag. Then a sharp exhale, accompanied by a hearty laugh filled with the same joy as Santa Clause’s infamous chuckle.

E3 2010: All Points Bulletin Hands On

Since it’s entering the market of massive online gaming for the PC, Realtime Worlds’ All Points Bulletin gets measured against World of Warcraft a lot. However it’s a comparison the designers are anxious to brush off. APB is not about role playing, and it’s not about wizards or spells.

E3 2010: TERA Hands On

Somewhere in the world of TERA, a heroic party of adventurers arrive on a coastal shore. The group is composed a Berserker, Sorcerer, Mystic, Warrior and a slayer. After defeating on a Red Lash Dreadnaught (ie giant crab) during their beach landing, they begin to enter the jungle in search of the vile Captain Marduk.

Video Games Live LA Concert Impressions

Having never been to a Video Games Live concert before, we went into the series’ LA concert not quite knowing what to expect. Tommy Tallarico told us in an interview that his reason for co-creating the project was to prove how culturally relevant games have become. Walking out of the two hour show, it’s safe to say he succeeded.

E3 2010 Portal 2

After getting a first glimpse at Portal 2, the original game just seems so domestic in comparison. Each puzzle took place in a sterile, secluded, and regulated environment. It was much like being a lab rat sent through a maze. The first Portal was really a boot camp for bending the fabric of reality. So what does this make the sequel? War.