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Developers Speak Out: Jazz and Faust

A long time ago, in Russia far, far away in 1998, a talented animator Alexey Nikanorov wrote a beautiful fairy tale about thrilling adventures of two characters that had slightly strange names – Jazz and Faust. These adventures were taking place in a marvelous world that mixed up Ancient East, and African motifs…

Are You a Power Gamer?

Did you know that the circular-lid insertion on top of your GameCube could be easily removed and replaced? It’s true; soon companies will begin to promote this aesthetic modification en masse. How cool would it be to replace that boring default Nintendo lid insert with a custom-made Sonic the Hedgehog design? Keep an eye out, they’re coming.

Renting Games Online

Its true, a lot of gamers don’t have access to a large selection of video games at their local rental outlets. So when the corner video store fails us where do out-of-luck gamers turn for their fix of digital entertainment? Enter On-line video game rentals.

GameCube: N64 Part 2?

Buying the GameCube was an investment. I invested my hard-earned money into a system I thought would provide me with hours of entertainment. I’ve never been a Nintendo fanboy, but a Nintendo loyalist. I’m not so sure anymore.

Ninendo and Square: Deja Vu All Over Again

Yesterday, Nintendo and Squaresoft, two companies that for years were almost synonomous with each other, have anounced their getting back in the mix again. Later this month, Square will set up a new development house and Nintendo will be giving them the money to do it. Expect games for the GameCube as well as the Game Boy Advance.