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Return of the Regular Guy

As the lyrics go, It’s been a while… So how are you? Glad to hear it… me, I’m not so bad. I’ve got nice things on the horizon, or rather us PS2 owners do. If you look to your left you’ll see Spiderman (game based movie action hitting us around Mayish). If you’ve seen the recent trailer for the video game you’ll be just as excited as I am.

Penguin Power on the PS2?

The Xbox might run on some form of the Windows operating system, but with this new add-on bundle for the Playstation 2 that Sony recently announced, your console system can also double as a personal computer. That’s right, friends and neighbors; Linux is coming to the PS2.

Developers Speak Out: Prisoner of War Part 1

Technologies like Microsoft’s DirectMusic and our own Wide Sounds API are enabling developers to create audio for games in a way that, until now, has not been possible. Developers are able to go beyond movie-style soundtracks and really utilize music and audio in groundbreaking and innovative ways.

Consoles Vs. PCs

You hear a lot of rumors that PC gaming is dying out, and that the console is the one holding the smoking gun; personally, I think someone has gotten a hold of some wacky weed. Why you ask? The console format is something akin to a disposable camera; you use it then toss it (or pile 륭 up in the closet in my case).

GameCube Launches Quietly in Japan

Nintendo’s Japanese launch of the GameCube was less than stellar. I’m sure many reasons factor into this. The bitter taste of the Nintendo 64’s semi-failure, little in the way of launch games, little in the way of advertisements or maybe it was because no pre-orders were taken.