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GameCube Launches Quietly in Japan

Nintendo’s Japanese launch of the GameCube was less than stellar. I’m sure many reasons factor into this. The bitter taste of the Nintendo 64’s semi-failure, little in the way of launch games, little in the way of advertisements or maybe it was because no pre-orders were taken.

The Late, Great NES

I feel a sorrow for kids that are just now getting into the video game craze. While they are all playing their Dreamcast and Playstation, they will never get to experience the great joy of the Nintendo Entertainment System. I can still remember the Christmas that I received my NES; for it was this day that I became ecstatic!

History of Videogames

When asked what images they mentally conjured up at the utterance of “video game history”, my friends all concurred that they envisioned Japanese geniuses in business suits toiling away at a computer screen, working on the “soon-to-be” hottest new release.

Violence in Videogames: Here We Go Again

Why is it that some topics just never seem to go away? For several years now, the media has been dogging videogames as the source of teenage violence, and frankly, I am sick and tired of it. The latest anti-videogame rally is the result of a study on violent games from researchers at the renowned school Harvard.

Weekly Grind: System Loyalty

Hello and welcome once again to the Weekly Grind. This week, we deal with a problem that has been around for over a decade: System Loyalty. Stemming from the days of Super Nintendo vs. Sega Genesis, system loyalty has become a real pain in the butt for those of us who can see that all game systems have something to offer.