Why We Play

I recently had a “discussion” with a friend who couldn’t understand why at 23 I still enjoyed playing what she called “stupid little games”. When I asked if she had ever played a videogame I got a look like I had spit in her face. “I don’t need to play them to know֦quot; and with that she stormed off.

Consoles Vs. PCs

You hear a lot of rumors that PC gaming is dying out, and that the console is the one holding the smoking gun; personally, I think someone has gotten a hold of some wacky weed. Why you ask? The console format is something akin to a disposable camera; you use it then toss it (or pile 륭 up in the closet in my case).

Developers Speak Out: Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan is a third person action game with a unique and intuitive player control system that gives the player an advanced degree of control over the lightsaber, use of the Force at their fingertips, and the ability to pull flips, rolls and cartwheels with ease.

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