Xbox One Asks for a Mulligan

Before the announcement of the Xbox One, we correctly predicted what their stance would be regarding their next-generation console–then rumored to be called Xbox 720. Today, Microsoft, after months and months of defending their DRM and online policies, officially backed off in a statement released.

Pac-Man at E3 2013

Kunito Komori lead a small gathering of journalist to learn about Pac-Man in the Namco Bandai booth. This year is a renewed emphasis on the iconic character as he will star in a new Television show, on Disney XD, and be featured in two new games and a line of toys. With all that is going on, it is easy to see why The Pac is Back! 

Best of E3 2013 Part 1 of 2

Kaleb Rutherford 06/13/13 E3 2013 may be a conference where both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 made their first official appearances together. However, the show really wasn’t about those consoles. With Microsoft and Sony revealing them at events earlier in the year, the focus…

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