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New Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC Announced

Final Fantasy XIII-2 was released less than a month ago in the states, and Square-Enix already has a new chapter for us to enjoy. In this latest installment, titled “Sazh: Heads or Tails?”, you take control of Sazh, one of the original characters from FFXIII. The chapter runs concurrently with the main story in FFXIII-2.

PS4? Not in 2012!

Jack Tretton, SCEA President, has said that Sony would be distracted if news of a new console came out this year. Sony plans on only being publicly focussed on both the PlayStation 3 and newly released PlayStation Vita.

Wii Goes Hulu Plus

Is your Wii sitting collecting dust? Put that box to use with Hulu Plus! Beginning today, Wii owners can subscribe to the $7.99 streaming service that will deliver all of the Hulu Plus content to your Wii. This puts the Wii on equal ground with the iPad, iPhone, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 platforms that already provide the service.

Metal Gear Offline

With the release of the 2008 Metal Gear Solid 4, Konami also released Metal Gear Online. Despite needing a separate login, it was the first time the Japanese based Konami had embraced an online mode in the Metal Gear franchise. All good things come to…

Minecraft No Vita

 PlayStation Vita fans are probably getting eager to learn about new titles coming to the platform. So since there was an Xperia Play version of of Minecraft, this means we are guaranteed a Vita version as well, right? Not so fast, sadly.

Snake, Snake, SNAKE!!!!! in HD

Konami has revealed that Metal Gear Solid HD Collection will be available to North America customers around the corner. Specifically, we will get the title on November 8, 2011. Unfortunately, the same does not apply to our fellow gamers in Europe.The PAL version of the Metal Gear Solid HD Collection is set to release sometime in 2012.