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Eternal Sonata

As we reported earlier at the 2006 Tokyo Game show, Namco is bringing their next-generation Role Playing Game to the Xbox 360. Known as Trusty Bell in the Land of the Rising Sun, the title has been confirmed for a US release. In North America, Trusty Bell will be known as Eternal Sonata. At TGS, there was a short demo of the new RPG.

Shining Force Exa

Sega has been very busy at this year’s 2006 Tokyo Game Show. With numerous titles, Sega is set to appear on most platforms–with a ton of titles over the next fifteen months. One of these titles is the follow-up to the ill-received Shining Force Neo.

PaRappa the Rapper

Kick Punch, it’s all in the mind! These famous words started a revolution on the PlayStation and continue to be one of the most beloved Rhythm-based game experiences ever made. Sony is taking all the fun and excitement of the original, shrinking it down, and delivering an experience all PSP owners will want to play.

Guitar Hero II

After creating some of the most beloved Rhythm games for Sony, Developer Harmonix teamed up with RedOctane to deliver one of the most engrossing and beloved experiences of 2005. Guitar Hero had incredible sales and generated more hype than any other game of 2005.

The Suffering (Post-E3 2005)

The Suffering was the first really good and polished release from Midway in years. While the company had strived to create high quality titles, it wasn’t until the release of The Suffering that their vision became a reality. After the success of the first title, I am sure that it is no surprise that Midway started work on a sequel.

Jade Empire

Bioware is no stranger to success and they came out swinging at this year’s E3 show with their Xbox 360 game Mass Effect. While Mass Effect may be destined for great things, it wasn’t the only game the company had on display at their booth in the back of the West Hall.

The Darkness

Few first person shooter titles have done anything to advance the genre and bring it into unchartered territories, but then again, most of them don’t need to. It’s common gamer knowledge that blowing stuff up and shooting zombies is fun no matter what the occasion.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 2

It’s no secret that Tecmo’s Dead or Alive series is one of the hottest commodities in gaming today. The series, created by Team Ninja under the direction of their fearless leader Tomonobu Itagaki, has sold millions of copies worldwide.