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Star Trek Legacy

Star Trek. The name is synonymous with science fiction. Unfortunately, even though there have been several movies and more TV episodes than you could count, games based on the popular series have generally been rather lacking.

Gears of War

Without a doubt, one of the most anticipated titles for the Xbox 360 is Epic’s Gears of War. Quite simply, the game looks fantastic. It is obvious after seeing it in action that Gears of War is a step above the competition in terms of presentation and playability.

Lost Planet

Hands on at E3: So the E3 expo is now officially underway and we didn’t waste any time getting right to the hottest games at the show. One such game is Capcom’s upcoming Lost Planet for the Xbox 360. Lost Planet looks incredible and plays even better.

Super Mario Galaxy

Hands on at E3: The biggest star in the video game industry is making his presence felt at this years’ E3 Expo. Not only is he stealing the show on Super Mario Bros DS, Mario is paving the way for the next incarnation of true “next-gen” gameplay with his first venture on Nintendo Wii.

Test Drive Unlimited (Pre-E3 2006)

There’s no denying that the MMO market is absolutely on fire right now. Never before have so many subscription based games been able to survive at the same time. Games like Final Fantasy XI, City of Villains, Everquest and current king World of Warcraft are all alive and well with no signs of slowing down any time soon.