Category: Previews

Lost Planet (Pre-E3 2006)

Capcom is one of the industry’s largest developers and publishers. While they may be noted for the popular Resident Evil, Street Fighter and Mega Man game series, the game that has most of us excited is a brand new title called Lost Planet.

Medieval 2 (Pre-E3 2006)

Creative Assembly made waves in the strategy game world with their hit title Rome: Total War. The amount of options and creativity in the title made it stand out from the crowd and now the team is getting ready to unleash a new monster for strategy fans. Medieval 2: Total War is upping the ante across the board.

Lego Star Wars II (Pre-E3 2006)

At first thought, Lego and Star Wars seem to go together like…well, like Hilary Duff and Guinness…that is to say, not well at all. However, the folks at LucasArts and Traveler’s Tales proved otherwise with last years Lego Star Wars game. The game was admittedly aimed at children, but it was a solid game that stood on its own merits.

Virtua Tennis 3 (Pre E3 2006)

In the days of yore, Sega’s Dreamcast was the console of consoles. It’s a shame it went the way of the dinosaurs, but during its life, a lot of great games came out and considering the DC wasn’t around all that long, that’s saying something. One such game was Virtua Tennis that virtua-owned. Yeah, that’s right, an awesome tennis game.