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Guitar Hero Live First Look

Guitar Hero is making a comeback this year with Guitar Hero Live from Developer FreeStyle Games. I find it a bit strange that the same year Rock Band is making a comeback, so is Guitar Hero. Did these companies get together and plan out when Rhythm based music games would make a comeback?

Lego Dimensions First Look

Warner Bros Interactive and Traveller’s Tales are teaming up to bring, what they call, the first true Toys to Life game in Lego Dimensions. Once my 6 year old sees this game, he may soon forget about Skylanders and Disney Infinity too. In the demo we were shown, we visited Oz, Scooby Doo, and Aperture Science.

Torchlight Mobile First Look

In October of 2009, a new Action RPG was released by Runic Games called Torchlight. It was a fan favorite but lacked a multiplayer component. Instead of just patching in multiplayer, work began on Torchlight II. On September 20, 2012, the Windows version of Torchlight II was finally released.

Fallout 4 E3 2015 First Look

At Bethesda’s first ever E3 Press Conference, Todd Howard of Bethesda Game Studios took the stage to show off their latest title: Fallout 4. Todd says tonight begins E3 and the best week of entertainment ever.  Games can do things that nothing else can–they can give you the true wonder of discovery and only games can do this.

Destiny First Look Alpha Impressions

Bungie’s ambitious project, Destiny, releases this fall. For some of us fortunate enough to get an Alpha key, we’ve had a glimpse into what we’ll be playing this fall. This past weekend, my fellow gamers, podcast hosts, and myself have been playing through every bit the Destiny First Look Alpha had to offer.