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Gamers looking for a fresh experience may just want to check out Tecmo’s upcoming PS2 exclusive title, Trapt. The game promises to deviate a bit from the norm by offering an interesting premise: killing enemies by setting up deadly traps inside a dark castle.

Jak X: Combat Racer

Still coming strong and keeping things fresh on the PS2 is the odd couple Jak and Daxter. In this upcoming fourth release for the franchise, time is of the essence. You, as Jak, are forced into the Kras City Grand Championship race to compete for the grand prize antidote to the poison all the competitors have consumed during a deceptive toast.


Coming this October, F.E.A.R. will be unleashed all across America. Most likely you’ve heard of this award-winning game already, taking home best action game of E3 just this past May. That’s not an easy task, but Monolith and Sierra have worked hard to ensure that this game is every bit deserving of such hype.


The Shooter genre hasn’t seen a lot of love from developers in the current generation of handhelds and home consoles. To help fill the void, Majesco has teamed up with developer Shin’en to bring Nintendo DS owners Nanostray. Does Nanostray deliver a lasting experience or does this dual-screen title fail like many shooters before it have?

The Matrix: Path of Neo

Looking back on the past five or so years of gaming, it is rather difficult to find a reason to get excited about a game based on a hit movie. Most superhero and Disney films see a parallel game hit the shelves about the same time the movie hits theatres, just to make a quick buck while the movie is hot and all over television.


With such a fascinating premise, Darkwatch is a game that immediately stands out from the rest when browsing previews. The dust jacket story is more like a thorough novel that details exactly what this fresh taste added to an otherwise dried-out genre is.

Final Fantasy XI

At this year’s E3, Microsoft unveiled the Xbox 360 and while there may not have been too many real surprises, one of the key announcements made was that Square Enix would be developing software for the next Xbox. The announcement came in the form of the company’s popular online RPG Final Fantasy XI.

Metal Gear Solid 4

The confirmation of Metal Gear Solid 4 at E3, while expected, left us with very little information to play with. A few details have been leaked but only enough to whet our stealth action appetites. Here is all we know about Hideo Kojima’s freshest installment in the series.