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Pac ‘n Roll (Pre-E3 2005)

The Pac-Man franchise hasn’t done very well in the past several years. Attempts to move the franchise in different directions have ultimately failed. But Namco is hoping that their two Nintendo DS titles will bring a spark of originality and fun to the franchise.

Shadow of the Colossus (Pre-E3 2005)

One of the most critically acclaimed PlayStation 2 games is ICO. While this title did not have huge sales at retail, the press all loved the game and awarded it with high ratings. For several years I have heard of rumblings and screenshots about a game called NICO, the rumored sequel to ICO. However, the title has never materialized.

Kirby: Canvas Curse (Pre-E3 2005)

If there is one thing that the Nintendo DS needs, it is to build upon the successes of their original and fun gaming experiences. Since this is the world’s first handheld gaming system that is designed with a touch screen, the industry has been slow to come up with new ideas for game titles.

Wipeout Pure

One of the original PlayStation titles is making its comeback on the newest Sony platform–the PSP. Wipeout Pure is a futuristic racing title that drew some comparisons to F-Zero when it was first released. However, the title quickly slipped in quality and the franchise hasn’t been very good until now.

Metal Gear Online

While the world still waits for each and every detail about Metal Gear Solid 4 to be revealed by Konami, few gamers realize that Konami is actually developing two versions of Metal Gear. Besides MGS4, Metal Gear Online is being developed on the same amazing engine that powers Snake’s latest single player adventure.


Looking back on the evolution of the 3D platformer, the first game to actually succeed was none other than Mario 64. Looking back at that game today, it is amazing to see how many titles have tried to immitate the gameplay created by the legendary Miyamoto. Why would anyone try and copy the gameplay style of Mario 64? The gameplay worked.

Pre-E3 2008 Diablo III

If you thought you vanquished evil last time, Blizzard is reminding gamers that the Devil is back and this time he means business. Although long rumored and hoped for by fans, Diablo III has finally been unveiled by Blizzard to continue the Action RPG series and usher in all-new 3D graphics, new characters, more enemies, and more surprises.