Tales from the Borderlands First Look

The world of Borderlands is expanding with Tales from the Borderlands from TellTale Games.  Just because you see the title Borderlands, don’t expect a First Person Shooter.  This is very much an adventure game built on the same engine that other great TellTale franchises were built on like The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us.

The Golf Club First Look

2014 will bring many new things to the market. Sadly, this does not include a new entry in the Tiger Woods series from EA. This leaves a hole in the market and The Golf Club hopes to fill it. Currently available on Steam Early Access, The Golf Club puts players on an equal playing field by giving everyone the same clubs.

Skylanders Trap Team First Look

Skylanders creator, and Developer, Toys for Bob took the last game off to work on the next big thing for Skylanders. Today, we finally know what they have been working on: Skylanders Trap Team. Revealed at an event in New York City, Skylanders has some new tricks up their sleeves to get you to open up your wallet for more fun.

Mario Kart 8 First Look

Mario and his kart-riding friends are back and looking to have fun in high-definition for the first time in the Mario Kart series. Though Mario Kart 8 is not a 2013 release, the game is shaping up to bring some new elements to the series that will be sure to make Wii U owners very excited.

Tearaway Updated Look

If you are a platform holder and trying to revive a platform that is lacking original games, who do you turn to? If you are Sony and you are trying to ensure the long term success of the PlayStation Vita platform, you couldn’t do much better than Media Molecule. This is the team that created the phenomenal LittleBigPlanet.

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