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The Evil Within First Look

What do you do after essentially creating the Survival Horror Genre, with Resident Evil, and redefining it, with Resident Evil 4? If you are Shinji Makami, you attempt to change the genre again and push it in a new direction. This is the attempt with his latest title The Evil Within. 

inFamous Second Son First Look

As Sony ushered in their last console, PlayStation 3, Sucker Punch made the most of the new hardware by creating a new franchise. Gone were the days of them developing new adventures for Sly Cooper and his crew. They had moved on to inFamous. With the PlayStation 4, they still have plenty to do within the world.

The Witness First Look

Jonathan Blow took the stage at the PlayStation 4’s First Reveal Event, in New York, to show off his new game–The Witness. Developed by Blow and his indie Development House Thekla Inc, they are planning on delivering an awesome Puzzle game that moves the genre in a new direction.