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The Last First Story?

Hironobu Sakaguchi, the creator of Final Fantasy, and some consider the father of the JRPG, is on to his next project, The Last Story. My first thoughts of the game are based around the title. What exactly is Sakaguchi’s fascination with titles that speak of the finality of his games? How could there be a Final Fantasy sequel when it was final?

Skylanders go GIANT

┬áSkylanders was a game that nobody really saw becoming a success. Plastic toys you put on a cylinder base to make them come alive on your television screen? Adults didn’t get it but the kids did. Some see the release of Skylanders as the start to a next generation toy market.

Watch Dogs: The Surprise New IP of E3

As Ubisoft ended their E3 Press Briefing on Monday, a new IP was revealed that has been in development for over two years at Ubisoft Montreal. In the extended gameplay shown on stage, with no specific platform or release date given, we learn of a world where computers control every major system in our world.