Parappa the Rapper 2

The original Parappa the Rapper was probably one of the craziest concepts ever conceived. In the original Playstation title, you controlled Parappa, a “rapping dog.” Later, Sony introduced Un Jammer Lammy, a title that was so difficult that few played past the first few levels.

Kao the Kangaroo

I always try to be fair and honest when I review a title. However, there are times when being honest just can’t describe how poor a product is. Such is the case with Kao the Kangaroo. At first glance, Kao doesn’t appear to be bad at all. It is cute and colorful. What could be wrong?

Developers Speak Out: Obi-Wan

Obi-Wan is a third person action game with a unique and intuitive player control system that gives the player an advanced degree of control over the lightsaber, use of the Force at their fingertips, and the ability to pull flips, rolls and cartwheels with ease.

Castlevania Chronicles

Up until now, Konami has never released Akumajo Dracula or Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood in the US. Akumajo Dracula was originally released on the X68000 PC, available only in Japan, while Dracula X: The Rondo of Blood was released on the PC Engine (known as the Turbo Duo in the US).

Jak & Daxter: The Precursor Legacy

When I think back to the days when the Playstation, Saturn, and Nintendo 64 were competing for dominance in the console market, developer Naughty Dog created a new mascot, Crash Bandicoot, for Sony to use to market against Mario and Sonic. The rest is videogame history as Crash went on to star in several sequels and become a household name.


Role Playing fans have been waiting for a good RPG title to hit the Playstation 2. Even though Dark Cloud is available, I consider it to be more of an action game than a straightforward RPG.


Sony’s new PS2 racer is definitely not your run-of-the-mill racing game. In Kinetica, the contestants are not sitting in a car, they’re wearing it. The game is set in a future where underground street races have become insanely popular and new technology has developed specialized suits that utilize kinetic energy for racing.

Dark Cloud

If there is one genre on the Playstation 2 that has yet to see a great title, it would most certainly have to be Role Playing Games. While this genre used to be something only the hardcore geeks played in the US, the popularity of the Final Fantasy franchise on the Playstation breathed new life into all RPG’s.

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