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Parents Press Play & Friends E3 2017 Day 3 Recap

Welcome to our special E3 coverage at Parents Press Play & Friends. Today, in E3 2017 Day 3 Recap, we have one Dad and one “Friend” together to discuss the events that occurred on Day 3 of E3 2017. 

Included on this episode, Kaleb, @kahleeb on Twitter, & Davis, @nt6_nocturnal on Twitter, talk about the ARK, Nintendo Direct E3 2017, Oasis Games, Nyko, Turtle Beach, Bionik Gaming Accessories, nDreams Bloody Zombies, Astro A10, Hunt Showdown, Natsume and Harvest Moon, NCSOFT’s MXM & Blade & Soul, Tower 57, Razer Thresher, Cartoon Network Games OK K.O.! and Steven Universe: Save the Light, & Dell Alienware.

Astro Gaming A10 E3 2017 Interview

Today, at E3 2017, we met with Thaddeus Cooper, at Astro’s E3 Meeting room, to talk more about their recently released Astro A10 headset. This is the most inexpensive headset Astro has ever made with a starting MSRP for $59.99. We will have more on this new product coming up in the near future.

Please continue reading to listen or download the interview.